Who are we?

Updated on the 12/19/2022


Kyudo in Montpellier

The Languedoc Kyudo Association (Association Languedocienne de Kyudo – ALK) has been created in Montpellier in 1986.

Led by the most senior members of France, counting also amonst the most senior members of Europe, Montpellier’s Dojo offers a demanding, welcoming, friendly, selfless and free teaching to anyone looking for the road of the japanese traditional bow.

If you would like to know more about the Kyudo, you can contact us or visit the official CNKyudo – FFJDA website.

The board of the ALK is currently composed of:

  • Didier BLANCHARD, chairman
  • Philippe RUER, treasurer
  • Pascale BARBIER : secretary
  • Sonia COHEN : assistant secretary

The technical comittee of the ALK is currently composed of:

  • Laurence ORIOU
  • Charles-Louis ORIOU
  • Régine GRADUEL
  • Jean-Pierre BABIN
  • Serge FENECH


Laurence ORIOU

  • Responsible for teaching in Montpellier.
  • Treasurer CNKyudo.
  • The first westerner woman to achieve the grade of Kyôshi
  • Member of the Shidoiinkai (group of the 7 most senior europeans)
  • Honorary citizen of the town of Montpellier since October 28th, 2005

Charles-Louis ORIOU

  • Teacher
  • Member of the CNKyudo steerinf committee.
  • Head of the internships and seminars committee and the teaching committee.
  • Coordinator of the Grand Sud territorial commission.
  • Co-founder of the ALK (Association Languedocienne de Kyudo)


  • Teacher
  • President of the CN Kyudo, in charge of the grades and titles committee.

Other Shidoshas (qualified to teach by the person in charge of the teaching) :

  • Jean-Pierre BABIN

Our Filiation

An indisputable filiation : ALKCNKyudo – FFJDAEKFANKFIKYF

The ALK, through its most senior members, plays an important role in developing the Kyudo in Europe and throughout the world. Montpellier benefits a notoriety strongly related with the Kyudo on an international plan.

Montpellier’s Dojo is called to become an international place for trainings and grade passes.

ALK : Languedoc Kyudo Association (Association Languedocienne de Kyudo)

Through to its 34 members, the ALK is the best ranked french club and one of the three best ranked in Europe. The ALK is a non-for-profit organization constituted in Montpellier on July 28th, 1986 under registration number 12190. The ALK is a member of the CNKyudo – FFJDA for the ethical and technical part, but also of the FFAB for the administrative part. The ALK recognizes only titles and grades delivered by the ANKF.

CNkyudo-FFJDA : Kyudo National Committee – French Judo Federation and Associated Disciplines

The  CNkyudo-FFJDA counts 650 members and about fifty clubs in 2010. It is the second european federation in terms of audience. It is the only federation related with the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF).

EKF : European Kyudo Federation

The FKT is affiliated to the EKF. Under the direction of the japanese Sensei from the ANKF (Hanshi 8 dan), the EKF runs every year european trainings, with examination sessions (ANKF grades and titles). In 2006, this european training has taken place in Bourges (France).

ANKF : All Nippon Kyudo Federation

The ANKF is the federal structure which united in the 1950’s the main Kyudo schools from Japan. It helps developing the Kyudo throughout the world. It runs grade passes examinations everywhere in the world as well as international meetings in Japan.

IKYF : International Kyudo Federation

The ANKF gathers all concerned countries to create an internation kyudo federation. The FKT participated actively in creating the IKYF in 2006, and its then president, Charles-Louis ORIOU, has been chosen to be a member of the directing board.